Woof! I’m Nox, may I lick your hand?

A black dog with pointy ears and a fur that would make some sheep jealous.

Hi, I’m Nox (named after the Goddess of the night, I’m a boy though, but whatever). While some people say I’m a Croatian shepherd, but I’ve also heard them say I’m a sheep, which makes more sense to me…I don’t like dogs. And this is my diary to keep all good humans pupdated with my life.

My origin story

I already travelled quite a bit this year even though there’s a lot of restrictions. See, I was unwanted. Whoever had me, decided to cut off my tail and threw me and my siblings out in the forest with our mom. Luckily some nice lady found us and gave us a home. I don’t understand why I couldn’t stay there. But one day another lady came to Croatia and got me in a car to Germany…I don’t even speak German. The whole way the other dogs were making noises…I hate noises! Then we stopped and I could leave the box. Some lady was there waiting for me, I liked her right away and decided she’d be my new mom.

Mom and dad took me to Hamburg, where we live. While I’m still scared of most things outside, I love the indoors. Now, I have everything I ever wanted. Food, treats, a chew stick, more chew things, toys, sniffy toys, toys that loose food, humans to cuddle with, chairs to cuddle on and as many cuddles as I want.

My favourite things

I really like sniffing everything outside and playing fetch in the parc. On my long pink leash which is awesome coz Mommy says, I’m not allowed to run around free coz I don’t know my way home yet. But I really really don’t like other dogs, they’re all just so scary when they look at me. Mom says we won’t be in Hamburg forever. Once she is done looking at and pressing on the magic foldy thingy, we can go on a real adVANture…she’s so punny. We go with her van and we go places where there are not all these dogs here that I don’t like.

Welcome to my blog.

x NoX

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